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Leaky Gut and Auto-Immune Recovery
I was reading the recently posted article on Leaky Gut. The article referenced Dr. Joel Fuhrman and his success in helping patients with autoimmune diseases. I just finished readin...
What food options are high in carbohydrates and contain no phytic acid?
Hello. I am currently on a diet high in carbohydrates in order to maximize muscle gain and endurance. However I quickly discovered an adverse effects of eating high in carbs; my te...

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​Consuming generous servings of apple daily may improve an individual's chances of preventing colorectal cancer

​Erectile dysfunction may occur with greater incidence in smokers than in never smokers.

​A significant reduction in oral and pharyngeal cancer risk is associated with high consumption of citrus fruits.

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For anybody wondering what is wrong with Olive Oil and other dietary oils check out this site search...
Thank you Kate for your reply., I hope you will find this site a helpful resource. The approach for ...
Hello Sean, It is a very nice blog provides scientific research study on food diet of type 1 diabete...